(ASJava) Active component must exist when getting interface control


When users click on Portal tabs/ roles assigned, it throws up http "500 Internal Server Error". This happens only for some users and the other portal applications are working fine.
Eg: SAP Portal end users try to navigate to specific tabs like "employee self service", "manager self service" etc. and the internal server error occurs. Furthur navigation is not possible and the error is in similar lines to:  

"com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.exceptions.WDRuntimeException: ComponentUsage(FPMConfigurationUsage): Active component must exist when getting interface controller. (Hint: Have you forgotten to create it with createComponent()? Should the lifecycle control of the component usage be "createOnDemand"?       "                                                               

This is also logged into the default trace as well.

Screenshot of the error: 



When the user clicks on the portal tab, data is being extracted (using portal system connection, JCo destination etc.) and the end result is displayed on the user screen. This issue occurs when this connection is faulty, SSO is not working, backend server is down etc. and this activity is not possible.

First and most probable cause is that your CR content in SLD is old.

FIX -  to fix this download latest cimsap and crcontent from service.sap.com and implement in SLD.
Second cause user is locked
FIX - unlock in R/3
Third cause could be that the connection pool in JCO is exhausted.
FIX - increase connection pool in JCO.


In order to resolve this issue, first you need to find how data is being extracted from the backend server.
  1.   On the error page, navigate to options -> details.

  2.      Make a note of the Portal content ID inorder to identify the type of connection being used.
  3.   Now navigate to content administration to find which connection is being used. For internet application components (IAC's) like ESS and MSS, most likely connection will be made using JCo destinations. Navigate to Web Dynpro Tool Applications -> content administration and check the JCo destinations in question.

Most likely the cause of the issue is that the JCo destination (both 'metadata' and 'modeldata' connection) do not test fine. Incase ESS application is affected, JCo's confgured will be SAP_R3_HumanResources and SAP_R3_HumanResources_metadata. Also make sure that the user exists in the backend if SSO is being used and is not locked and has enough authorizations (like assigned to authorization object S_RFC) etc. If user mapping is not being used, then USER ID should be identical in the portal and the backend server so that SSO works fine.

   4.      Do make sure that all ESS related applications like  "sap.com/ess~lea" are running fine.

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