To Reset Administrator Password through Config Tool

How to Reset Administrator Password through Config Tool
How to reset J2EE_ADMIN password.
How to Activate SAP* user in SAP portal/ config tool.

It may sometimes happen that a user enters the wrong password a number of times (by default, 3) and if that user is the administrator, then the administrator user is locked. This prevents all sorts of things happening. To unlock the administrator, use the following process
You need to use the Config Tool and the process is:
1) Go to the Server Installed path i.e. usr\sap\<systemid>\<system instance>\J2EE\configtool\
2) Choose configtool.bat and start it.

3) Under Global Server Configuration, choose Services.
4) Find, click it.
5) Under Global Properties, find ume.superadmin.activated
6) Set the Custom value to TRUE. Click on SET to apply the new value
7) Apart from that, you have to set another property i.e.
8) ume.superadmin.password, define some password.The password that you are defining is for SAP*. save the changes.
9) Restart the cluster / server. Issue the command stop sap to do so.
10) Log on to Portal with SAP* as user and the defined password.
11) Create a User with Super Administrator role.
12) Go back to Config Tool and set the Custom Value as default value i.e. FALSE. save the changes.
13) Restart the Server.
In case if you deploy a Application i.e. a Webdynpro or PAR and the Admin Password is not configured properly or is locked then
1) Go to Config Tool.
2) Choose Secure Store, right click.
3) Choose Admin\Passowrd\Systemid\
4) Set the Password value, choose add and save.
5) Restart Server.
 If you are able to logon to Visual Admin , You can create a new user and assign him administrator group or Reset password .

1)  Go to the Server Installed path i.e.

 \usr\sap\<systeid>\<system instance>\j2ee\admin\go.bat Or in UNIX /usr/sap/<systeid>/<system instance>/j2ee/admin/go.

2)  Choose go.bat / go  and start it.
3)  Under Cluster ->Server<number>, choose Security Provider .
4)  Select Tab 'Runtime' and Inner Tab 'User Management'  , Click  Create User .
5)  And then assign to group Administrators .
6)  No Need to restart J2EE engine ,
Open http://<hostname>:<port>/irj/portal .

7)  Now go toUser Administration ->  Identity Management , Search for Administrator user and Unlock it . etc ....