Creating a Simple Form Application in WD JAVA

Creating a Simple Form Application in WD JAVA


Creating a Webdynpro Project:

-open NWDS in Webdynpro perspective
-select File-->New--->Webdynpro Project
-provide Webdynpro Project Name and click on Finish.

Now the project is created.

now we have to
Creating a Webdynpro component:

-Goto Webdynpro Components
-Right Click on Webdynpro Components-->create Webdynpro Component
-provide Component Name:
-provide package Name:
-provide Window Name:
-provide View Name:

Editing View Layout/Creating Form:

-Goto ViewContext-->Create two Attributes( ID, NAME )
-Goto ViewLayout-->Select Form Context ,Then Drag & Drop entire Context

-Save it.

Creating a Webdynpro Project Application:

-Right Click on Applications:
-Create an Application
-provide Application Name:

For Testing the Created application:

-Right Click on Application & Deploy to J2EE Server.

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