Portal login page modification

Modifying Portal Initial logon page 

This procedure applies for EP 6.0 SP3 and higher.

The logon user interface (UI) of SAP Enterprise Portal is delivered in a portal archive (PAR file) named com.sap.portal.runtime.logon.par which contains all the logon UI's code and resources.

In a deployed portal, the PAR file is located at


During initial portal deployment, it is renamed to com.sap.portal.runtime.logon.par.bak.
To customize the logon UI, we recommend the following procedure:

Modify the PAR file containing the logon UIs

1. Make a copy of com.sap.portal.runtime.logon.par.bak and rename it. In this example, it is renamed to my.new.logon.par.

2. Move my.new.logon.par to a location outside of the <SAPJ2EEngine-deployment-dir>.

3. Extract the files from my.new.logon.par preserving the directory structure.

4. Modify files in the extracted PAR file.

5. Put the modified files back into my.new.logon.par.

6. Copy my.new.logon.par back to


Modify authschemes.xml to reference the new PAR file containing the modified logon UIs

You change the authschemes.xml file using the Config Tool of SAP Web Application Server Java. When you edit the file, you should download the file to a local directory, edit it, and when uploading the edited file, create a new node in the configuration tree for it.

In this way you do not loose the original version of the file when you upgrade your installation.

1. Shut down all dispatcher and server nodes in the J2EE Engine cluster. ...

2. Start the Config Tool by executing <SAPJ2EEEngine_instance>\j2ee\configtool\configtool.bat.

3. Choose the symbol for Switch to configuration editor mode.

4. In the tree, navigate to cluster_data >server >persistent >com.sap.security.core.ume.service.

5. To switch to edit mode, choose (Switch between view and edit mode).

6. In the tree, select _authschemes.xml and choose (Show the details of the selected node).

7. Choose Download and save the file to a local directory.

8. In the local file, replace all occurrences of the string "com.sap.portal.runtime.logon" with "my.new.logon" in the tags <frontendtarget> and save the file.

9. Create a new node in the configuration tree for the edited file as follows:

a. In the Config Tool, select the node com.sap.security.core.ume.service.

b. Choose (Create a node below the selected node).

c. Select the type File-entry.

d. Choose Upload and select the file from your local directory.

e. Enter the name for the entry, for example, authschemes_productive.xml. By default, the name of   the uploaded file is used.

f. Choose Create.g. Choose Close window.
The new node appears in the configuration tree.

10. For UME to use the new file, you have to change the value of the property login.authschemes.definition.file to the name of the new authschemes file as follows:

a. In the Config Tool, navigate to cluster_data >server >cfg >services.

b. In the tree, double-click on Propertysheet com.sap.security.core.ume.service.

c. Click on the property login.authschemes.definition.file .d. Enter the new name of your
authschemes file in Custom, for example, authschemes_productive.xml, and choose Apply custom.e. Choose OK in the property sheet view.

11. Restart the nodes in the cluster for the changes to take effect.
Now the modified logon UI is displayed at logon.