How to check the EHP of Portal and ECC.

How to check the EHP of Portal and ECC.


Login to SAP GUI.

go to System> status> component information (click on help icon just below Component version)

check for SAP_APPL .

if it is,
604 then  ECC 6 with Ehp4.
605 then  ECC 6 with Ehp5.

606 then  ECC 6 with Eh6.

It is very easy to found out on your own. Let me explain the first, For every sap installation we need basic of three components. They are SAP_BASIS,SAP_ABA,SAP_BW. The version of these component decides your sap Version.

The other components decides your functionality. Let consider your organization need to implement HR and Logistics, you need to implement the component SAP_APPL ( For Logistics and FI ) and  and SAP_HR ( For HR ) so the system turns to ECC.If say you have SAP_BASIS as 600 then you are in ECC 6.0 and if you have 604 then you are in ECC 6.0 EHP 4. ( Also refer the attached image )

Similarly if you install the component as SRM the system turns to SRM server not ECC.

For Portal

Assuming you have 7.0x EP version , you can see the exact SP and patch ,navigating to :


for example:

In this case you see its 7.0 SP29, patch level 0.

Clicking on "all components" , you would see all components SP's and patch level.

If you have 7.3 EP version, you can navigate to:

then select your instance Id (00 for instance), then switch to Components Tab.
There you can see all components and their versions:

This is for instance 7.30 SP10.

For the EHP Version/Package you can find it as follow.

SAP Easy Access -> System Menu-> Status-->
In that you will find  SAP System data Block and in that Component Version . There you can find the Enhancement Package Version.

   For Ex: Component Version: EHP 6 for SAP ERP.