Changing Port Number of SAP EP

The following process tells us how to change the port number.
It includes the detailed screen shots of the process to be followed.

Procedure to Change the Port Number in EP  from 7.3:

You will find the  icm/server_port_0 parameter in the profile file (pfl extension) of the ICM
The Netweaver 7.3 java stack uses now the ICM from the abap stack instead of the previous dispatcher server.

Procedure to Change the Port Number in EP prior 7.3:

Note: You need to have OS level access to change the port number since you have to make the changes in Visual Admin
1) Start Visual Admin
On Windows platforms, run <Drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\<Instance_Name>\j2ee\admin\go.bat
2) Under Dispatcher -> Services
3) Click on Servies , this will open the properties
4) Find HTTP Provider and click on it.
5) Under the properties tab of HTTP Provider, check for Ports.
6) And in the value field change the values as per the requirement, here we have changed the port number from 50200 to 80.
7) Click on Update.
8) Click on Save.
9) Restart the Portal.
10) Now you can see the Port number has changed and you can access the portal with newly updated port number.

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