Email Configuration in SAP EP

Following Properties need to be set in Config tool
·         To start the config tool, execute <AS_Java_installation>\j2ee\configtool\configtool.bat.
·         In the tree, navigate to Global server configuration ® services ®
·         The list of UME properties appears.
·         To change the value of a property:
·         Select a property from the list.
·         In Value at the bottom of the screen, enter a new value an choose Set

Config Tool Settings:   
     Enter notification mail host and system email id

System Administration Configurations:
Go to System admin à System config à UME Configuration.
Choose the Notification E-Mails tab.
Choose Modify Configuration.
Enter the host name of the SMTP server in the Host Name of the SMTP Server input field.
Enter the email id of the system

Once the email notification is enabled, system will send the notification mails with the new password.
 Email Connectivity in SAP Netweaver Portal (Collaboration)

Sending Emails from the Portal is a key functionality for Collaboration and certain KM services. Below is a step by step configuration of Email in Portal.
Create the system Object for the Microsoft Exchange Server

Use the SMTP server address

Create the Alias for the system object

Configure the email service
System Administration > System Configuration > Content Management > Global Services > Mailing Services > check for the tick sign in the Active section.

Creating an Email Transport

System Administration > System Configuration > Collaboration > Transports

System Administration > System Configuration > Collaboration > Transports > Mail Transport > Click New > use the SMTP address

Make sure you have the collaboration link activated on the portal to test this functionality.

Check your email for the response..

I hope the above configuration was simple enough....

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  1. how can configure multi-client emails in SAP Portal? e.g. Production BI, Production GRC, Production HR etc. we have different production systems for different modules at our place.