How to determine the correct component combination in ESS WD JAVA

Please use the maintenance optimizer (MOPZ) to determine the packages which fit together:
Please check for further information.

What to do if the frontend and backend EHP is not the same?
If you are not on the same EHP in frontend and backend, please keep in mind that every EHP stack is related to an ECC 6.0 stack.
The detailed connection between the stacks can be found in note 1064635.
Important is to stay in one stack (or in the same stack compared to ECC 6.0 in case you mix the EHPs)So, even if the mopz won't allow to mix EHPs, you may do this as long as you do not activate Business Functions in R/3 for EHPs which are not available in your frontend.

Which influence has the NW release?
The NW releases 7.0* are slightly different, but there shouldn't be an influence on the on the HR functionality.
An upgrade of the NW release shouldn't have an influence on the HR functionality, beside release NW 7.3.

Upgrade to  NW7.3:
On NW 7.3 the old JAVA application packages won't run. You need to use the JAVA packages for NW 7.3: ESS 633, MSS 630, PCUI_GP 633 (or upgrade to WDA). The business package for 7.30 based on Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA) is called BPERPESSWDA 1.50

Upgrade to EHP5:
With EHP5 SAP delivers the new WebDynpro ABAP related services. These services can be called directly in NWBC or may be called in the portal with the EHP5 Business Packages. As these services are WebDynpro ABAP based there is no need for application packages anymore. The EHP5 Business Packages call the WD ABAP services, so if you want to use WD JAVA you need to use EHP4 BPs, even if your backend is on EHP5.

SPs Mismatch in ERP 2004


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