SAP Portal URL is not accessible due to port blocking issues

Error: When we try to access portal URL, it will say "The page Cannot be displayed" even though the whole system is up and running.

Reason:The reason might be due to blocked port. First, whether your portal is using some customized http port number like 8080 instead of default port (500)

This can be checked by going to below path:

Open Visual Administrator -> Cluster -> -> Dispatcher -> Services -> HTTP Provider -> Check the value of the property "Ports".

If the value of this property is like below:


Then your http port was customized to 8080. In this case you can check whether your portal is able to access this port using telnet.

Procedure to know the port can be accessible by portal: Open SAP MMC and right click on the dispatcher under J2EE Process Table

now enter Login id as "administrator" and the password to login.

use command lsp to check the list of ports that are being used by your SAP Cluster:

Solution: To avoid such type of situations you can reserve such ports within windows.

Procedure: Follow below procedure to reserve the port you want to.

1. Start "regedit.exe"

2. navigate to following sub-key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters

3. select entry "ReservedPorts" (double click).

4. Add here the port 1080 in that way:
(If there is already a port added please separate this port with a space or carriage return.
For example: "3456-3456

5. Take a OS reboot of the server.

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