How to clean end users personalization

You can clean end users personalization using personalization cleanup tool, go to System Administration –> Support –> Portal Content Directory –> Personalization Cleanup.
You deploy an application and create an iView, and people use it, and then some people personalize the iView. After a
while, you redeploy and change one of the properties. But anyone who personalized the property still gets their personalized
Many people ask for a way to remove personalization. As it turns out, the portal comes with a handy tool for clearing the
personalization that users may have added to portal objects.
The reason why this is so good is that, unfortunately, the administrati
on interfaces do not allow an administrator to clear
personalization from an object. Yes,
 you can clear personalization using PCD APIs, but this is a lot of work for clearing a

single property.
So the guys who brought you the PCD also created this little
tool to help clear personalization. It doesn't do everything, but
it may be helpful for you.
You can clear personalization in one of two ways:
By Principal:
You can specify a user, group or role, and clear all the personalization ofor that user. Or you can view all the
objects that were personalized by that user, and then select the objects for which to clear the user's personalization.

By Object:
You can specify an object, and then view all the user's who have personalized the object. You can then select
the users whose personalization you want to remove.

To get to the personalization cleanup tool, go to
System Administration-
> Support >  Portal Content Directory
Personalization Cleanup

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