Important URLs, Transaction Codes, ABAP Reports in Process Integration 7.1

Hi, I would like to share important URLs, Transaction Codes and ABAP Reports that are used in Process Integration PI 7.1

I) Process Integration PI 7.1 URLs
A Design Time Tools URLs
1 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/dir/start/index.jsp Process Integration PI 7.1 tools
2 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/sld/index.html System Landscape Directory (SLD)
3 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rep/start/repository.jnlp Enterprise Services Repository (ESR)
4 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/dir/start/directory.jnlp Integration Directory(ID)
5 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/sr Service Registry(SR)
B Runtime Tools URLs
1 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rwb Runtime Workbench(RWB)

http://<host>:5<sys#>00/nwa Local SAP Netweaver Administrator (NWA)
3 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/nwa/quicklinks NWA Quicklinks
4 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/nwapi Central SAP Netweaver Administrator (Visual Admin in XI)
5 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/index.html Netweaver Application Server Java
6 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache CPA Cache Monitoring
7 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/refresh?mode=delta Delta CPA Cache refresh
8 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/refresh?mode=full Full CPA Cache Refresh
9 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/mdt Message Display Tool (MDT)
10 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/mdt/channelmonitorservlet Communication channel Monitoring
11 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/mdt/amtServlet Adapter Monitoring
12 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/AdapterFramework/admin/channelstatus.jsp Communication channel Status
13 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/MessagingSystem Message Display Tool
14 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/MessagingSystem/monitor/sequenceMonitor.jsp EOIO Sequence monitor
15 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/MessagingSystem/monitor/systemStatus.jsp Message Queue monitor
16 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rep/support/public/LockAdminService Unlock Enterprise Service objects
17 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/TREX/Monitor TREX Application
18 http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rwb/rtc?op=init Re-Initialize Runtime Workbench
19 http://host:port/AdapterFramework/scheduler/scheduler.jsp?xml AF scheduler status

II) Process Integration PI 7.1 Transaction Codes
A Administrative Transactions-ABAP  
1 SXMB_IFR Start Enterprise Service Builder
2 SXMB_ADM Integration Engine Administration
3 SMQR qRFC Monitor (QIN Scheduler / Registration)
4 SMQ1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
5 SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
6 AL11 SAP Directories Display
7 SU01 User Maintenance
8 SICF HTTP Server Configuration
9 AL08 List Logged in users
10 SM21 System Error Logs
11 ST22 ABAP Runtime Errors
12 SLDCHECK Test SLD Connection
13 SXI_SUPPORT Test all Repository and Directory Objects
14 SM58 tRFC error Logs
16 SMICM ICM Monitor
17 STRUST Trust Manager
18 RZ20 CCMS Monitoring
19 RZ70 SLD Administration
B Web Service Transaction-ABAP
1 WSADMIN Web Service Administration
2 WSCONFIG Web Service Configuration
3 SUDDIREG Maintaining UDDI Registry
4 WSADMIN2 Web Service Administration
5 SOAMANAGER Start SOA Manager
6 WSPUBLISH Publish Web Services
C IDOC Transactions-ABAP
1 IDX1 Port Maintanenece in IDOC Adapter
2 IDX2 Metadata Overview for IDOC Adapter
3 IDX5 XML Messages in Adapter
4 WE02 IDOC Display
5 WE05 IDOC List
D BPM Transactions - ABAP
1 SXMB_MONI_BPE Monitoring Business Process Engine
2 SWF_XI_PBUILDER Detailed BPM Process Builder
3 SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING Check Integration Process prerequisite
4 SWF_XI_ADM_BPE Start and Stop Business Process Engine
5 SWF_XI_ADM_BPE_DISP Display Status of Business Process Engine
6 SWELS Switch Event Trace On/Off
E Monitoring Transactions-ABAP
1 SXMB_MONI Integration Engine Monitoring
2 SXI_MONITOR Monitor for Processed XML Messages
4 SXI_CACHE PI Runtime Cache
5 SM37 Simple Job Selection
6 SMGW Gateway Monitor
F Alert Transactions-ABAP
1 ALRTCATDEF Editing Alert Category
2 ALRTINBOX Call Alert Inbox
3 ALRTDISP Display of Alerts
4 ALRTPROC Processing Alerts
G Other Transactions-ABAP
1 SE10 Transport Organizer
2 SE37 Function Modules Builder
3 SE38 ABAP Editor
4 SE11 ABAP Dictionary
5 SE80 Object Navigator
6 SE24 OOABAP class Builder
7 SM30 Maintain Table View
9 SPROXY ABAP Proxy Generation
10 ST05 Performance Analysis

 III) Process Integration PI 7.1 ABAP Reports

A ABAP Reports
1 RSEOUT00 Collects maximum no of IDOCs at a time and places in a file
2 RSQIWKEX Automatic qRfC failure recover report
3 RSQOWKEX Qout Scheduler-execution of registered outbound queues
4 RSARFCEX Automatic tRfC failure recover report
5 RSPARAM Display Profile parameters
6 RSBDCOSO Execute OS Command
7 RSXMB_CANCEL_NO_COMMIT_MSG Cancel message processing for messages without commit
8 RSXMB_RESTART_MESSAGES Automatic Mass Restart Scheduling Report
9 RSXMB_SELECT_MESSAGES Background to get a daily report of XI messages
10 RSWF_XI_UNSENT_MSGS Status of all the messages in XI server
11 RSXMB_REMOTE_SERVICE Standard ABAP report for XI performance monitoring
12 SPROX_CHECK_IFR_ADDRESS Check if IFR address is maintained
14 SXMS_MMF_MONITOR Display bulk messages and individual messages
15 SXMS_PF_LEVEL12_AGGDATA Function module to get aggregated performance
16 SXMS_REFRESH_ADAPTER_STATUS Refresh of outbound adapter status only for IDOC Adapter
17 RSALERTPROC Trigger Alert
18 RSALERTCATDEF Maintaining alert categories and alert server landscape
19 SXMSALERT_LOGREADER display log information for alerts report
21 RSXMB_CONFIG_PP Enable Principal Propagation of Messaging Components
22 RSXMB_AGG_XPI_ADMIN Activate Function for ABAP Runtime
23 SXMSALERT_CONFIGTRANS Transport Alert Rules via CTS+
24 IDX_NOALE Configure IDoc Adapter Acknowledgements

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