Create IView, Workset, Page, Role and their Assignment.

Understanding IView, Page, Workset and Role

IView:    Program that retrives data from the content sources in your company and on the internet and displays in the content area of enterprise portal.

Page:    Consist of layout and assigned content.(such as IViews)

Workset:    Specific collection of tasks, services and information that is part of a role..

Role:    A collection of task services and information that is available for groups of users.
the role determines which service can be accessed and provides visualization of content and navigation structure.

Tasks to done: 
we will make two IViews and assign them to page, and then assign page to workset and then assign that workset to role. and assign that role to a user.

we will also set the entry point of workset to yes , so that it will be visible in the top level navigation panel.

Steps to do:

Create a Main/Base folder in portal content.
Then inside that we will create four more folders for IView, Page, Workset, Role with their respective names.
As shown in the following screen shot.


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