Complete SLD and JCO Configuration and trouble shooting.

Lets discuss about SLD and JCO Configuration in this Post.


If you want to develop any WD JAVA aplication you will definitely need JCO's which are resposible for Model and Meta Data transportaion.

Else, If you are configuring ESS and MSS with WD JAVA then you will definitely need to configure SLD and JCO's Configuration first.

For ESS and MSS WD JAVA Apps you need to configure 5 Pair of JCO's.

Configuration of JCO's should be done after configuring SLD.

So first we will look at SLD Configuration.

SLD Configuration

For SLD Configuration in Earlier Version's (<7.3) of EP CLICK HERE.

For SLD Configuration in latest Version 7.3 and 7.4 CLICK HERE

 JCO Creation / Maintenance

For creating or maintaining JCo Connection.
Go to http://<FQDN>:<port number>/webdynpro/resources/
Go to http://<FQDN>:<port number>/
 Select Webdynpro > Content administrator.

Click on Create JCo Destination.

Enter the required details.
Name of the JCo.
Client number of back end system from which you want to get data.
Click on next.
 Click on next.
For Meta data select Dictionary Data as data type.
For Model data Select Application Data as data type.
Click on next.
Select the Message server of required backend system.
You can also enter the message server host name manually.
Select the Logon Group.
For load balancing select PUBLIC for Model Data and SPACE for Meta Data

 Click on next.

For Meta data you have enter the User Name and Password of  Backend system.
For this a User ID in backend system Id must be created and it should be a system user.
(Basis guy will provide you this, ask him to create system User.)

For Model data you can select SSO Logon Ticket or User Id and Password.
After Entering the required details.

Click on next.

Here you can preview your entries.
Click on Finish.
After this go to Maintain JCO destination there you can find the new JCo created.
There you can  Edit , Test and Ping it.
If test is failed then check the below trouble shooting Link.

If maintain / create JCO connection is in disabled mode then Click here.

For JCO Trouble shooting CLICK HERE.

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