Customizing the logon screen in Earlier EP versions

The following post discusses about customizing logon screen in Earlier EP versions.

Step 1 : 

            Go to Portal Content Directory location to get logon screen par file.


Select  “  “ file copy and paste in desktop.

Step 2 :
Import the par file into NWDS and goto dist/layout and select branding-image.jpg and replace with another file.

Step 3 :
            Goto Dist/portal-inf/umLogonTopArea.txt to change Welcome title.

Step 4 :
             Build the project and Export par file into Portal Server .

Step5 :

            a) Goto Server\usr\sap\P64\JC00\j2ee\configtool\

           b)  And run the configtool batch file , it will be opened configtool.

           c) Switch to configuration editor mode.

           d) Cluster-data/server/persistant/
            And select the file “authschemes.xml”

e) Press switch between view and edit mode the click yes, it will open xml file change the par file name in the area like <frontendtarget>com.bala.logon.certlogon</frontendtarget>
Press ok and close the window.

Then new image and name will be displayed in logon screen.

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