Launch pad customization in ESS WD ABAP

This Post describes the steps to customize the ESS Menu based on WD ABAP.

ESS WDABAP Overview page use launchpad to display the menu structure similar to homepage framework which used for wd java based ESS.It is possible to customize the WD ABAP Based launch pad from the below path.

IMG -> Personnel Management -> Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) -> General Settings -> ESS Menu for Services ->
 Menu for SAP Portal Role or directly call transaction from lpd_cust.

Standard Overview page use the Role ESS and Instance MENU which is responsible for navigation entries in portal.Double click the MENU to customize the existing order of entries or addition / update / deletion of entries. It is also possible to copy the launch pad  to custom namespace and give it in the portal to launch custom launchpad.

Choose New Folder , if it is need to display any other Custom links other than Working Time , Benefits and Payment etc.

Choose Save and check which displayed as shown below.

Choose New Application if it is need to displayed/modified services under main page like Working Time etc as shown below.

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