In this post lets see the following things,

This Post contains a Video which will illustrate the following things.

1) How to create a WebDynPro Project.

2)  How to Create a Application in WD JAVA Project

3) How to Embed a New / Existing Iview in to Window of WD JAVA  Project.

 4) How to Navigate between IViews.

5) How to create a IN Bound and Out Bound Plug, How to create a link in between them.

6) How to Create a Action Button Which Fires a Action (Here In Bound Plug action/ Navigation Action).

7) How to Deploy and Run the Created Application.

8) Usage of Input Field.

9) How to create a Value attribute and its assignment to a UI Element.

10) MVC Architecture, ( Data Modeler) Views (where the presentation Logic is written), Controllers (Responsible for Data Transfer / Load Balancing between Model and Views), Model (Where the Business Logic is written)

11) Usage of Component Controller to transfer Data Between Views ( ex. in Video: NavigView, View2, View3).

12) How to Make Context Mapping for Data Transfer.

13) How to Create a WD JAVA IView in Portal. (Content Admin > New IView > WD Java Iview>.....)

14) How to add a Iview to a Role.

15) How to Create a Simple Type Data Type.

16) Usage of UI Element Dropdown by Key / Input Field for SVS (Simple Value Selector, which is used for storing Values when the values are less than 30 and known at development time).

17) How to Display Static / Dynamic Messages in WD JAVA.

18) Visibility/Enable/Disable of UI Elements inWD JAVA.

19) Continuation for this Video is in here WD JAVA DAY 2

Watch the following Video WD JAVA DAY 1 :

Now go for :


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