Unsupported browser message not shown for iView's


For a  iView, If we want to restrict that it should load only with IE browser. For all other browsers, it should show some "user-agent not supported" kind of message.

To achieve that you have set following two properties for this iView: -

Supported User Agents: (MSIE, >-5.5, *)
Unsupported User Agents: (Netscape, *,*) (Mozilla, >-*. *)

It loads correctly from IE.

But when I access this iView from Chrome/Firefox, You see a blank screen.

Why it isn't showing some standard message to let user know that this browser isn't supported?


This supported user agents property when set at "page" level, shows the unsupported user agent message on screen.

Solution is to set these two properties at iView as well as Page level.

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