Exporting and Importing Themes in SAP EP

You use the Transport Themes tool to import and export themes as compressed files.


  1. Go to System Administration >Transport >Transport Themes.

    Your custom themes are listed under Export Themes.
    Exporting and Importing Themes in SAP EP onlysapep.blogspot.in only sap ep  blogspot

  2. To export a theme, choose the theme to be exported and specify a target folder for the compressed file.

  3. To import a theme:
    1. Specify the path to the theme that you want to import or choose Browse to select the compressed file of a theme.
    2. If you want the imported theme to overwrite existing themes, select Overwrite Existing Theme.
    3. Choose Import.
      You can also transport themes by including them in a standard portal transport package. For more information, see Transporting Portal Objects.