Portal login page modification

Branding Image and text in Portal logon page

This document basically explains how to change the branding image/branding text which appears in the /irj portal logon page .

Inorder to decide the path from which these images are taken , please perform the the following steps

1. http://<hostname>:<port>/irj/portal

2.donot login

3.Right click the image in the logon page and check the properties , this will provide the information of where ther the image is taken from as well as pixel size

4. you should find some thing like this
Address : https://<hostname:port>/irj/portalapps/com.sap.portal.runtime.logon/layout/branding-image.jpg

 5.this information above it basically tell us, from where this image is called upon , so this image is called upon from

6.replace the sap image with customized image for all the server nodes , pixel size information can be obtained from looking in to the property as mentioned in step 3

7.usually if you replace bandimgimage it doesnt require a restart , but for branding text it requires a restart