A better way to list users currently logged on

We can use,


SM04 - for Active users on one application server.

AL08 - for Active users on all application servers logged in globally.

Report :

CCUINIT to initialise measurement of concurrent users.
CCUEVAL to get the output of report CCUINIT.
Please note that CCUEVAL is not be relied only in case of HTTP users. If you do not have HTTP users then the report can be relied.

As per note 839847 -  if say USER1 is logged in 6 application servers, AL08 iwill count it as 6
while in CCUEVAL it will be counted as 1 which is logical.

As per note1560657 - if output of CCUEVAL cannot be relied upon, then what is the best way to get the conncurrrent active users count.

Concurrent Active:

Concurrent Active users can be found via CCMS alerting.

Navigation below gives - concurrent users in the system:

RZ20 - CCMS Monitor Templates - System Configuration - SID -  System Configuration - concurrent users.

You can get here currently active concurrent users & also value from last 24 hours

 RZ20 -> SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> Dialog Overview -> Users Logged On

you can get the users logged in hourly and the report can be extended for up to 30 days:


> DATE--> PERIOD DRILL DOWN, you can get the users logged in hourly and the report can be extended for up to 30 days.

You can also use the CCMS system to determine information about the users who are logged on.

For active users, you can get a list by running the following:

Tcode ST03
Expand 'Load History and Distribution'
Then open 'Users per Instance'
Double click on the instance or use the total option to list all
the users with their respective Dialog Steps.

When you want to list the users currently logged onto your SAP Production System, don't use AL08 (Although this will give you a quick approximation of how many are logged on).

Instead, use SE16, table USR41.

This table will list all users in order of their ID, thus allowing you to see who is logged onto the system more than once and on which PC.

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