Creating iView for connecting to BSP components

Creating iView for connecting to BSP components:

1.      Logon to SAP GUI >  Enter SE80 (SAP transaction code for designing BSP components in SAP GUI) >  Enter the package name as "sbspext_htmlb"
2.      Right-click on a BSP component name and select "Test"
3.      Login to irj portal
         Create a System Object  with " SAP R/3 dedicated or SAP Load balancing " system object template      
4.    Goto "System Administration  >  Click on "System Configuration"  >     Click on "System Landscape" >   Select the appropriate folder under PCD >  Right-click, select "New" >
"System" >    Select the appropriate template >    Click "Next"   >    Enter "System Name", "System ID" >  Click "Next"  >   Click "Finish"
5. Click "OK" to open the object for editing >  Select the "Property/Category" as "Connector"
6.   Enter following properties

     a.      Application Host IP address
     b.      Logical System Name
     c.      SAP Client
    d.      SAP System Number
    e.      Server Port   Click "Save".

to be continued.................................

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