Uploading the par file into EP Server/ Creating PAR iView

 Uploading the par file into EP Server:

a) Login to the portal with your user name and password 
 b) Navigate to System Administration > support > click portal runtime link > Go to Administrative Console
c) Where you can find the browse button to select your par file, so choose .par file, Click Upload button
Result: The PAR file is uploaded in to your EP server.
The following steps are to create an iview

Creating PAR iView:

1) Select the Folder you have created.
2) Right Click the Folder and in the Panel, choose Iview.
3) In the displayed iview wizard, Choose Portal Component (This is the Source Type in the RoadMap) then click Next button
4) A iview wizard is displayed for selection of portal archive file; here select the Archive file name and Click Next button
5) In this step you will get a wizard called selection of Portal Component, Select the component you created. Click next.
6) In this step a iview wizard is displayed for providing general properties, Give name of the iview, id and Description (optional)
   Click next button
7) Click Finish button, in the next wizard Choose open the object for editing and click Ok button
8) You will get Property Editor, Select Preview for Test

to be continued......................

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