How to customize favicon.ico image for SAP NetWeaver 7.1X onwards version globally

1908436 - How to customize favicon.ico image for SAP NetWeaver 7.1X onwards version globally

You would like to change favicon for java instance like following:
Above is SAP standard one, you would like to change to your company logo.

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.3 onwards version
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1X onwards version

If there is only one instance in your landscape, you can follow note 1906707 to change the image manually.
If there are many instances in the landscape, the way in this KBA will be better option since the operation is only needed to be performed once.

  • Copy original file J2EEAPPS<X>.SCA for current version from previous installation directory. If you cannot find the file, it can be downloaded from service marketplace.
  • Open the file using WinRAR and Click "View file" for ""
  • Click new opened default.war file and click "View file"

  •   After open file default.war, you will see original favicon.ico, please delete the file by clicking "Delete files"
  • Drag your own cutomized file favicon.ico into opened default.war. You will see the following pop up window, click button "OK"
  • Close all opened file with WinRAR, there will be following pop up window, click "Yes"
  • Reopen file J2EEAPPS<X>.SCA to make sure customized image is copied correctly, you can verify it by modified date. If the file is not replaced correctly, please re-perform above steps.
  • Using telnet command to redeploy the file as per note 1715441. Since the version is same with the one deployed on Java instance, you need to use the command like following:
        deploy <path>/J2EEAPPS<X>.SCA version_rull=all
  • After restarting system, Clear broswer cache for all end users.
Please note that you need to perform all above procedure after each upgrade activity.

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