Difference between ECC and Netweaver

Difference between ECC and NW and MySAP series and MyERP2005 ..

How they are interrelated?

ECC has more components installed than NW.

ECC 5.0 is just the core ERP system.  It has been changed from R/3 to ECC.  It runs on top of the WebAS 6.40 which is a component of the netweaver platform.  Just remember that ECC 5.0 is the same as the ERP system R/3, its just been renamed and improved.

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) module, ECC is the version of SAP, like 4.6, 4.6c and 4.7 in that series new version is ECC-6. Its known as Enterprise core component.So you can say the sequence is:
SAP R/3 4.6C
SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7
ECC stands for Enterprise Resource Planning Central Component.This is similar to R/3.The name of this component has been evolved, but the essential function of system component has not changed much.This component has its own several sub-modules such as MM (Material Management), SD (Sales Distributions), FI/CO (Financial and Costing and Billing), PM (Plant Maintenance/Production Planning), WM (Warehouse Management) and HR (Human Resource Management). It has Workbench environment where staff can develop customized program using ABAP programming and database tables to support companies' own internal business processing. Each sub modules support many screens/transactions and reporting transactions to easily keep track of inventory, orders, movement of

goods. Both Business customers or traditional IT staff will group together to design and develop various business processes. ECC (Enterprise Central Component) is recent name for R/3 or ERD. Even huge company can be sufficiently supported by this one component.
NW is basically an oceshtra of various components.There is a base WEB AS on top of which all other components like EP,XI,BI,MDM etc sits.There are different combinations of OS and database on which you can install NW.
MySAP, is a product of SAP, is an e-business software integration tool that delivers content to the user based on his or her role in an enterprise. More than 200 pre-defined role templates are available to provide the user with access to applications and resources that are task-appropriate to his or her communication needs in customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM),
e-procurement, business intelligence, product lifecycle management, human resources, or financial and marketplace channels. The user works with the SAP applications he or she requires by using a Web browser or Internet appliance to access them through a mySAP Web portal called "Workplace". Access to the mySAP.com Workplace portal can be based on eether a per-user or per-number-of-transactions fee model.

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Company use the version according to their requirement.Ofcourse the version which have more functionality & greater performance company go for that.Again each version have thier own advantages..

The target application/ industry for selecting ECC / MySAP / ERP 2004/2005..which way they are different from one another ?  are they supersede one another?

I do see some companies go for MySAP. My work place uses, ECC . Also some requirement comes for ERP 2005..

ERP2005, is also called ECC 6.0

SAPs solutions can be seen in 3 categories.
- mySAP Business Suite ..it consists of ERP (formerly known as R/3), CRM, SRM, and SCM (formerly known as APO), PLM..
- Based on NW, all integration software like Portals, PI and BI
- SAP Industry Solutions

Netweaver is the integration platform which is the base for all SAP solutions.
ECC is the ERP product. so it will have additional components. (netweaver is also the underlying plarform for ECC)

Products which are based on entirely on NW are BI, PI (perviously XI), EP.

SAP Business Suite Family of Business Applications - SAP Business Suite is a family of solutions and an integration and application platform. It provides open business applications that maximize return on relationships by integrating people, information, and processes. Examples: SAP ERP, SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP NetWeaver - SAP NetWeaver is the open integration and application platform that integrates people, information and processes into one hub, across technologies and organizations, to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).