How to hide alerts, notifications, tracking, sapoffice mails tabs in UWL.

If  we want to hide these tabs from UWL,

The easiest way is:

Open the properties of uwl iview in the portal content.

There is a property called "UWL Navigation Property / Style".

By default it is selected as "Tab".

You can change it to "None".

Before doing this change make sure you had Selected the "Tasks" tab from the UWL.
(you can do this by previewing the iview and selecting task tab in it)

After saving this property, only the Tasks tab will be shown in the UWL.

In this way we are actually hiding the tabs area in the uwl.

You need to modify the XML file.

Proceed as follows.

To be sure that you are modifying the correct file

1. Navigate to System Administration ->System COnfiguration ->Universal Worklist and Workflow ->Universal Worklist Administration
2. Open the Tray for the Optional UWL Service Configuration
3. Edit and set the Display Support Information: to true.
3.Go back to your UWL and you can see from which configuration file the configuration is being picked from.

To Modify the file

1. Navigate to System Administration->System Configuration->Universal Worklist and workflow->Universal Worklist Administration
2.Click to Manage Item Types and View Definitions
3. Download the configuration file (If your UWL is not customised it's uwl.standard)
4. Open the file with an XML editor
5. Refer to the steps mentioned here

6. Save it with a different name say uwl.custom
7. Upload this new configuration file don't forget to check the check box high priority.
8. Clear the cache and check the UWL.


refer here

System Administration -> System Configuration ->  Universal Worklist &
Workflow -> Universal Worklist Administartion -> Configure Content
Types & Custom Views using Wizard -> Customize look of UWL -> Select
the tabs to be removed and click "Remove Tab from current View".

Check here:
(> Media Library
> How-to Guides > Portal, KM and Collaboration >
All > Configuring the Universal Worklist)

This document is for 04 releases but the concept remains the same for
subsequent releases.  I would advise that you take a look at this

Navigation nodes have the task of defining the
tabs that the user "sees" in the UWL main table
(i.e. Task, Alerts, Notifications, Tracking, etc.).
And each of these tabs ("NavigationNodes") support
different views (e.g. "My Open Tasks", "Completed Tasks",
etc), which support itemTypes as described above
and elsewhere.

You will want to download the standard xml file and remove the xml
associated with these tabs and rename the xml file and upload it to the
portal with a higher priority.  The configuration guide should
help with this information.


System Administration -> System Configuration -> Universal Worklist &
Workflow -> Universal Worklist Administartion -> Configure Content
Types & Custom Views using Wizard -> Customize look of UWL

There Select the Navigation Node To Be Customized  drop down is blank , no entries.
Available tabs not displayed  also blank no drop down
How to delete then

So how to remove them

what happens here is that the navigation node cannot recognize
the full path. So everything after the '.' needs to be removed. 

. So where I saw the '.' I removed them in
the navigation nodes, and also in the wizard screen, clicked on the
alerts tab, and removed it from the navigation.  

or do this

If you only have the .tra and .001 files on the system (and the
standard files) then you can proceed as follows:
So what do we need to do to fix this?
This is a known issue with the MSS system and the generated XML file.
However, the fix is quite simply achieved...
For both the .001 and .tra xml files you will need to do the following:
1. Download and save your config for both &

2. Open the saved version and save the file with a new name.

Access the configuration file within the zip file and proceed to make
the following changes:
I would like you to navigate to the following place in your XML file:
<!   Work Center UWL shows the same
entries as Control Center UWL   >
<NavigationNode name="root"
view="" referenceGroup="">
For every navigation node that has a full path assigned I would like
you to delete up to and inclusive of the last full stop that is
listed in the node.  Here is an example for you:

a) first node identified is that fits the criterion above is:
<NavigationNode name=""
view="AlertsView" referenceGroup=""

<NavigationNode name="Alert"    > *delete everything up to and
inclusive of the last full stop*
view="AlertsView" referenceGroup=""

do the same all the way down the XML file where you see the
NavigationNode name = a full path..

Next one in the list is:
<NavigationNode name=""
<NavigationNode name="Alerts2"

Continue this process until you get to the end of the file, then

save the
xml file with a
new name and upload this new file with Higher priority than
the system generated one and clear
the UWL cache.

Also repeat the steps with the .tra file.

Here is what is causing the issue: You are asking a wizard which expects
a default definition for the Main naviagtion node but in all of your
XML's the Main node is defined
with the full path. That is what is causing the
Main node
in the Wizard not to be present. As the wizard does not have a
reference, it will not display anything in the dropdown.

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