How to change copy right text on SAP EP logon screen

 How to change copy right text on SAP EP logon screen

1) Copy the file with the name ”” from the following location. It has the additional ending ".bak", which you should remove on your local copy:


2) Import the PAR file into NetWeaver Developer Studio:

- Select File>Import.
- Choose the option PAR file. Select Next and a popup window appears.
- In the window you have 3 text fields: The location of the par file, a project name (which will also be the new par file name) and the location where the project should be saved.

 3) Manually unzip the par file using WinZip or WinRar and copy “umelogonbase.jar” and “” files from PORTAL-INF\lib to newly created project\dist\PORTAL-INF\lib.

4) Un zip umelogonbase.jar and open “”; here “xx” is language of the specific browser. Edit the text which you want to change and save the changes.

5) Now select all files under umelogonbase folder and zip using WinZip or WinRar

6) Rename “” to “umelogonbase.jar” and don’t forget to remove original umelogonbase.jar before renaming.

7) From NWDS right click on dist and select Quick Par upload and give full path and file name which is “”.

8) Now upload the new par file: system Administration -> support -> Portal runtime -> Administration console -> browse for the new file and click on upload.

9) Restart of engine is not required.

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