How to create KM iView

1) Select the Folder you have created.
2) Right Click the Folder and in the Panel, choose Iview.
3) In the displayed iview wizard, choose iview template (This is the Source Type in the RoadMap)
4) Click next, in the template selection wizard choose KM Document iview and click next
5) In the general properties provide iview name, id and description and click Next button
6) In the next step click Open Object for Editing and click ok button
7) In the properties view Edit path to Document property
 For Example there is a document with some name in the Folder created by you which is under Documents folder. Give the path of this document.
Eg: /documents/<your folder name>/<filename>
8) Save the changes and Select preview for testing then the iview displays your file contents.

Creating an iview based on the deployed portal application
This iview is basically displays the developed portal content from the deployable portal archive file
i.e (.par).Basically there are two technologies to developed portal content one is webdynpro java and other is by Portal development kit. The Portal application consists of some portal components like Abstract portal component,
Dynpage, JSPDynPage and some sort portal services with a deployment descriptor file portalapp.xml.It also consists of some JSp files means WebPages. All these files are bundled into a par file.
To create an iview based on this .par file first we need to upload the par file in to the EP Server.

To be continued..........................

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