How to create a WebDynPro IView

Creating WebDynpro iView
1) Select the Folder you have created.
2) Right Click the Folder and in the Panel, choose iview.
3) In the displayed iview Wizard, choose webdynpro java Application and click next
4) In the next step choose either create a single full-page iview for each webdynpro application or individual iviews for different applications
Note: You can create a single full-page iview for each Web Dynpro application variant or individual iviews from application views.
In the first option, the views in each Web Dynpro application variant are integrated in the iview and cannot be reused on other portal pages

5) Choose available Applications from the table displayed. choose next.
6) IView name & Iview id are taken by default. choose next.
Note: When we are creating Webdynpro iview, a Page is creation will be done also.
7) Choose webdynpro proxy page, choose next.
8) Give Page Name & Page Id, choose next.
9) Choose some Layout for the Iview which you are displaying add them to your layout and choose next.
10) Click Finish and then Preview the Iview. 

To be continued................

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